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TechPar Group consists exclusively of high-level, high-achieving IT, Business, Risk and Compliance professionals who have already made their mark and want to help you make yours. Our people are experienced, battled-scarred veterans who have been there, done that and achieved extraordinary levels of success. They didn't just run and transform companies and mission-critical divisions; many were industry movers and shakers, leaders who made their mark while making a difference. Our unique blend of seasoned technology, business and risk executives provide the needed expertise critical to overcome the challenges in today’s complex, changing and data dependent businesses. TPG consultants are brought into the firm based on both their stellar credentials and their willingness to now put their hard-won experience to work on behalf of our clients.

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The TechPar Group Difference

Have you hired consulting firms and been dissatisfied?

Have they been inflexible, using cookie-cutters, in approaching projects and interacting with your staff?

Have they brought in teams that included junior consultants who were learning on the job?

Do you feel their pricing is more reflective of their brand and overhead, and not the acumen and experience they bring to the table?

Are they looking to sell new work before they complete the job you brought them in to do?

And perhaps when you do bring in a larger firm, do you feel that you need independent advice and oversight or a second option from experienced subject matter experts?

The TechPar Group consists of veteran practitioners with 25+ years of experience and know-how. We infuse Big-4 and world class company know-how to our client projects. The consultants in our network are handpicked and vetted. They have worked with the TechPar leaders over the years. We trust them and so will you, as they come personally and professionally recommended. Finally, our rates are significantly lower than other large firms, which will help you succeed while avoiding budget overruns.

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Some issues require a team of experts working for weeks or months to uncover all the facts, test hypotheses and mesh the myriad pieces into a carefully considered plan. Once in a while, though, wouldn’t you just love to get a handful of world-class professionals into a room, throw a single, knotty problem or question at them and take notes as the sparks fly? We thought so. Our TechPar Group Services are carefully selected based on the nature of the problem you present to us. And team members are by no means limited to TPG staff: Our network of professional contacts is vast, and we get you the right players.

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