Blockchain Doubters – We want to talk to you

Seeking input to our Whitepaper on Blockchain

Blockchain is growing as a new wave of internet technology, a disruption point that is totally changing how many businesses operate, and a new way to move value (e.g. crypto currency).

Yet, there are many who resist Blockchain for a number of reasons.  Such as:

  • We don’t understand it, and we don’t have resources that understands Blockchain.
  • We looked at Blockchain, and feel it isn’t yet ready for primetime.
  • We don’t see a use case that is valid for our business.
  • Are you one of those above?  Do you have other reasons?  We would like to know.

It is a world where trillions of dollars of investment have pursued a concept that many find “the new thing.”  It is a world where trillions in value have been created in terms of digital currencies (e.g. Bitcoin), and the market value of related startups.  Yet it is small compared to the overall global economy it affects – – – Just maybe, its purpose and value is not equal to the hype?  Let’s discuss!

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We look forward to discussing your point of view.