Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (DT) and the creation of new business models rank very high on the list of C-Suite priorities, across all verticals and geographies.  Yet while everyone is talking about it, few enterprises are doing it effectively enough to actually generate meaningful business value.  Based on research that TechPar Group has conducted with The Conference Board, we have developed important insights into the successful planning and management of Digital Transformation initiatives.  Our DT services support our clients’ efforts in this critical area.

Two of the biggest issues are:

  • The design and development of new, innovative business models that exploit digital technologies and support the actualization of business value
  • The planning, implementation and governance of data platforms that can support the data analytics and machine learning that drive state-of-the-art digital technologies.

The depth and range of expertise available at TechPar provide our clients with the support they need to resolve these questions and succeed throughout their Digital Transformation journey in a risk and technology appropriate way, at the right time and within budget.


TechPar’s Digital Transformation Strategic Planning and Execution services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business model design and development
  • Data platform and data governance strategic planning
  • Business case development
  • Solutions architecture
  • Vendor selection
  • Project management
  • Assessment of existing implementation efforts
  • Audit, risk management and regulatory compliance support

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