Executive Coaching / Executive Advisory

Executive Coaching

All leaders work in the context of a competitive environment in an organization or team that has its own unique culture and operating parameters. Changes in organizations demand that leaders also change what they know, do, and how they meet emerging challenges. Our philosophy on coaching and development is that people accelerate their growth by applying learnings to real world situations to improve their performance and leadership.

TechPar executive coaching resources offer a depth of experience across functions and industries. We start with identifying the need for coaching. We will then introduce the leader to qualified coaches within our network to ensure the right fit. Once a selection is made, the coach will work with the leader and others to address the issues identified. Coaching requires first a realistic assessment of the conditions in which individuals are working and an even more rigorous assessment of the competencies that are working (or not working) for the individual. A rigorous assessment helps chart a path to successfully modifying the mindsets and actions that drive improvement of knowledge, behavior, skills and/or the motivation necessary to improve impact and effectiveness.

Leaders are coached on the key actions they can take to change both mentally and behaviorally. These new approaches are then practiced until an improved personal operating style becomes a natural and habitual part of the individual’s personal operating style.

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Executive Advisory

TechPar offers Executive Advisory services to executives on a confidential basis. Our advisors have experience and expertise across functions and industries. They provide executives expert advice in matters such as:

  • Developing business and functional strategies
  • Organization performance improvement
  • Establishing acquisition integration plans
  • Complex board and executive relations
  • Leadership and managerial challenges
  • Crisis management and risk mitigation
  • Communication and negotiation strategies

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