Interim CxO

TechPar’s Interim CxO services supports organizations during times of transition by providing trusted advice and counsel and staffing experienced, high caliber C-Level executives. Whether there are specific challenges or a sudden resignation, there is always a vacuum to fill as soon as possible. Engaging TechPar for advice and a ‘pinch hitting’ interim executive will:

  • Reduce business risk by ensuring timely key decisions and avoiding potential crisis.
  • Instill confidence among employee subordinates that there will be proper continuity and oversight.
  • Allow the organization ample time to hire the right executive for the permanent position.
  • Allow for a proper transition period to ensure that the permanent executive is positioned for success.

TechPar places CEO, COO, CFO, and CIO leaders who will steer the ship, make key decisions, or simply “keep the lights on.” Our independence will result in an objective review of the current state and necessary actions. Often we are also asked to help identify and interview the permanent replacement and stay on as an advisor, even after the transition period concludes.

Recent projects:

1.For a global $21B media company, served as interim global CIO.
2.For a global publishing company, served as interim global CIO.
3.For a global not for profit, served as interim global CIO.
4.For a startup online company served as interim COO.
5.For a PE firm acquisition, served as interim CFO.

For further information please contact: William Serrao, TechPar Interim CxO Services Leader